January 17, 2022

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What Do You Need to Know About Pool Scratch Rules?

What is a Scratch in a Pool? A scratch is a common term used to signify that a foul has happened, usually on the white ball. All scratches are fouls, but not all fouls are scratches. So, what do you need to know about pool scratch rules?

A scratch occurs when a ball comes off the slate with a small amount of dirt on it. The ball has rolled along with the table and now has dirt on it. When it lands, the scratch occurs. The stroke before the scratch occurs indicates that you didn’t intend to make a stroke. What is a foul when you pot the white ball?

The pockets or the table

A scratch can occur in either the pockets or the table. When it occurs in the pocketed portion of the table, the cue ball will be positioned so that the ball’s weight will cause the ball to fall into the pockets, rather than remaining in the table.

Another way that players make a mistake is when they try to press a cue ball too hard. When you do this, not only are you applying a force against the ball, but you are also violating the terms of the ‘no catch’ rule. For example, if you are holding a billiard table and your opponent is holding a billiard table of a different type, and the two tables touch at some point, then there is probably a catch made. If you push the cue ball too hard against the table edge, it could cause the cue ball to fly off the table and onto the floor.

Being a fair player

The next rule is about being a fair player. When you pot the white ball, you must always play according to the rules of the game. You may call a foul when you pot the white ball, but you have to act fairly even if you are not sure whether you did it or not – it is still a foul.

So what is considered a foul when you pot the white ball on a pool table? Most pool halls put a three-foot rule in place, and you are supposed to act according to that. If you are playing in a public place and you think a three-foot rule is being violated, you should tell the other players involved or the tournament director, and you should report the infraction to the tournament headquarters. If you are sure that the three-foot rule is not being violated, you should respect it and leave the table, because you will have won the game.

Penalized with a loss of points

The third rule is equally essential as the second one – treat all cues equally. Remember that it is not permissible to spill anything over a cue ball. In addition, you should never hit a cue ball into the rail of a table, or a table edge. You may be penalized with a loss of points.

Keep your temper in check

Don’t bark or holler at the other players. This can be taken as a challenge to play better and can be viewed as foul play. The worst thing that can happen is that you will lose your point and be forced to leave the game. You should keep your temper in check, even if you think that your play has been corrected by the official. Don’t let a bad game dictate how you are going to play!