June 10, 2023

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Various Effective Ways to Remove Tartar

One of the most overlooked dental problems is tartar. Though this condition should be paid special attention so as not to have an impact on more severe tooth decay. What are the ways to remove and clean tartar?

Know the causes of tartar

The cause of tartar is the development of plaque produced from foods and drinks containing carbohydrates such as sugar and starch, milk, raisins, cakes, candies, and other soft drinks.

Bacteria that accumulate from these types of food and drink will live in the mouth and multiply to produce acid. If these bacteria stay longer in the mouth and teeth, the acid produced can damage tooth enamel leading to tooth decay.

Plaque can also develop on the roots of the teeth under the gums, causing damage to the bone that supports the teeth.

Tartar that is left continuously can appear more and more and irritate the gums. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to remove tartar and clean it so it doesn’t get worse.

How to remove tartar by scaling

Thin plaque can be removed by regular brushing and flossing. However, it’s a different story if the plaque has thickened and hardened.

Quoted from the American Academy of Periodontology, thick, hardened plaque needs to be removed with special treatments that only dentists can do.

Therefore, to remove it is not enough just to use a toothbrush. In the medical world, the procedure for cleaning tartar is called scaling.

How to clean tartar on this one is done with a tool called an ultrasonic scaler. A special tool that works to break down the tartar that is in between the teeth and at the gum line. These two parts are usually difficult to reach with a toothbrush.

Dental scaling should ideally be done every six months. When doing scaling, even very hard tartar can be removed.

Prevent the side effects of dental scaling

The scaling process can cause a number of side effects, such as bleeding, swollen gums, and pain. This happens because the gums and tarry teeth are still adjusting to the scaling process.

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