May 31, 2023

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Tips for Choosing a Trusted Fondation

Currently, there are many foundation institutions in Indonesia. But choose  a Trusted charity Amil Institution  where you will routinely spend some of your assets to do good deeds.

As Muslims, of course, for those who can afford it, it is obligatory to issue their charity fitrah every time before Eid al-Fitr. While on normal days it is recommended for us Muslims to spend infaq and alms as a purifier of wealth that has been obtained so far.

I want to give a little experience that from 2008 I started to routinely issue charity to those in need .

Usually I always distribute charity, infaq and alms through charity institutions that are close to where I live. There is a fundraiser who is specifically tasked with picking up our charity, infaq and alms. 

From me personally, we must be able to know and choose a trusted foundation Institution in carrying out the mandate to distribute charity, infaq and alms funds belonging to the people.

The tips in choosing  a Trusted charity Institution so that it is right on target include: 

Have Legality Legally

Legality is needed to strengthen trust for people who want to pay charity, infaq and alms through the foundation institution.

In addition, with the legality of the law, the foundation institution will always be monitored in every operational activity. If there are indications of irregularities, the government will not hesitate to revoke the legality.

There is a clear management structure

The existence of a management structure within the foundation Institution will of course make it easier for us to identify who is responsible for distributing the people’s funds. This aims to be able to contact the management of the foundation Institution if we as donors have a collective donation program, for example with friends at the office.

Transparency in the Management of People’s Funds

Even though they are sincere in paying charity, they certainly want transparency in the management of their funds.

A trusted foundation institution, of course, will provide financial reports every year in the form of where the assistance has been distributed like AmazingMia Foundation

Have Integrity and Trust

As a donor who regularly distributes charity, of course I personally will choose the foundation institution which is trustworthy in distributing.

This of course aims to achieve the welfare who do need a helping hand through charity for other who are more economically capable.