September 30, 2023

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Southern California: How to protect yourself against disease-carrying mosquitoes during hot summer months

WEST COVINA, Calif. (KABC) — It truly is a huge issue that comes with warmer weather conditions — far more insects. Numerous, specifically mosquitoes, can have some extremely serious diseases.

The San Gabriel Valley is operating hard to manage pests there.

Levy Solar with the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Handle District states SoCal people do not stand a biting probability in opposition to mosquitoes this summer, and stories document numbers of the annoying insects.

“If you’re hearing buzzing, it can be undoubtedly not in your head,” Sun stated. “There really are a lot more bugs and mosquitos out there right now.”

The department warns the Culex, native to SoCal, is the mosquito responsible for spreading West Nile virus, and is identified to bite nearer to sunset. And a newer, invasive mosquito identified as Aedes, or ankle biters, bite aggressively during the working day.

“We are going to see additional mosquitoes as the weather conditions gets warmer,” claimed Sunlight. “The will increase that we are viewing in mosquitoes have a tendency to be weather pushed.”

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Sunshine claims we can thank our mild climate for yr spherical mosquito year, and this year the populace is rising.

While magnificent to search at, dense vegetation is a breeding floor, offering mosquitoes with ground address and shade.

And standing water appeals to the blood sucking bugs way too. Make certain to empty those people pet dishes and plant saucers.

“A person is to tip out stagnant water weekly, toss any unused containers and shield your self with repellant,” Sun mentioned.

The Mosquito and Vector Handle District supplies mosquito fish cost-free of cost to residents with pools and ponds, who require assistance managing mosquitoes.

For more info on how you can secure on your own towards mosquitoes and any illnesses they may perhaps be carrying, stop by

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