August 11, 2022

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Pregnancy: Recommend diets and exercise

Frequent workout during pregnancy can enhance your posture and lessen some common distress like backaches and tiredness. There is proof that physical workout can curb gestational diabetes, i.e. diabetes that develops during pregnancy, increase stamina needed for labor and delivery, and relieve stress. Pregnant women who were physically active before getting pregnant, are advised to continue their workout in moderation. It is however important that they do not attempt to exercise as much as they used to before pregnancy; rather, they should do what’s most comfortable for them. Soft impact aerobics are advised against high impact. Pregnant women who did not exercise regularly before pregnancy can safely begin an exercise scheme during pregnancy, but only after discussing with their health care provider. Pregnant women should not adopt any new, vigorous activity. Aside from exercise, another important aspect of pregnancy is diet. Pregnant women must adopt a healthy and safe diet. This can be achieved by visiting US-Reviews to read honest reviews of companies that sell food that women can eat during pregnancy.

Daily Diet for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman’s daily diet should consist of the following:

  • Fruits and vegetables especially citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Whole grain cereals and bread with low-fat dairy products.
  • A lot of water, at least 8 cups of water daily.
  • Beans, fish, chicken (preferably without the skin), and lean meat.

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Pregnancy workout routines. 

Pregnant women can partake in the following types of activities

  • Swimming is a perfect activity for pregnant women, it helps to loosen up the muscles and ligaments as well as relieve nausea, puffy ankles, and sciatic pains. The water makes them feel weightless and more agile. However, pregnant women should not dive or jump into the water, rather they should step in or slide in gently.
  • Stair climbing is also a very good exercise for pregnant women, as your pregnancy progresses it may become a more difficult task but you should listen to your body and do what feels comfortable.
  • Aerobics or group dances like Zumba and belly dancing are great ways to get your body to release endorphins and increase heart rate especially if the woman is new to exercising. As the pregnancy progresses and you get bigger, avoid activities that require a lot of balance or any high impact activities. Stick to low impact activities as most importantly listen to your body and do what feels natural.

Pregnant women can also engage in strengthening and flexibility exercises, only after it has been approved by a health care provider. Some of those exercises include:

  • Weight lifting can help to keep your muscles toned during pregnancy, however, this should be done with lighter weights while avoiding exercises that keep you in a particular position over some time. It is also advised to use machines as they restrict your movements to avoid injuries.
  • Prenatal yoga is also a good work out for expecting mothers. It does flexibility, relaxation, deep breathing, and focus. The yoga classes should be tailored to cater to pregnant women, avoiding handstands, full backbends, and any form of exercise that causes your body to heat up excessively.

Some other forms of exercise pregnant women can practice include walking, hiking, kickboxing. Remember that whatever form of exercise you choose should be approved by your health care provider and you should be supervised while performing these exercises.