October 25, 2021

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Meet the Irrigation Needs with the Best Soaker Hoses

Meet the Irrigation Needs with the Best Soaker Hoses. Who doesn’t know the hose? This tool is very helpful for us to drain water from one place to another. Usually, the hose is used to supply water to the washing machine or when watering plants. Flexible hose texture is very helpful because it makes its durability stronger. For those of you who want to buy a hose, we present a selection of the best soaker hoses products.

The best soaker hoses products made from high-quality PVC material which is very fitting to be used for general needs. This hose also has resistance and strength that cannot be underestimated. Moreover, because it has high flexibility, you can wind the hose easily and will not break or tear when bent. Besides that, with its thick texture, you don’t need to worry about rat bites.

Meet the Irrigation Needs with the Best Soaker Hoses

Not only used to channel water, but this best soaker hoses can also be used to water your plants and wash your vehicle.

The best soaker hoses made from selected rubber material makes this hose can withstand various soil conditions, making it very suitable for use in agriculture and mining. Its practical shape also makes this hose not easy to twist and can withstand UV exposure.

How to Choose The best soaker hoses

  • Choose based on the required size.
    There are various sizes of hose diameter ar. From ¼ inches, 5/8 inches, to 1 or 3 inches. Each is clearly used for different purposes and must be adjusted according to the width of the water tap diameter.
    For large water supplies, the diameter of the hoses used is, of course, the most basic. While the small diameter is usually for light purposes such as watering plants.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients.
    This is the main point in wanting a hose with the best quality and can last a long time. As it is known that the hose consists of PVC and HDPE.
    PVC has a light and strong texture because it is made of plasticizer, while HDPE is made of rubber with an elastic and flexible texture.
    In this PVC hose, it is often used for house and water gutter needs, while for HDPE hose it is suitable for use in places with difficult land conditions.
  • Additional Accessories.
    In order to optimize the use of the hose, additional accessories are needed that can regulate the flow of water and as an adapter if the tap diameter does not match the tap diameter.
    You can also combine two different specifications of the hose. Generally, additional accessories are used when attached to automatic sprinklers.


Use soaker hoses that suits your needs. For example, if you want a hose to be used at home you can use a hose with PVC material, while for plantations, industry, the agriculture you can use HDPE material. Of course, the better the quality of the item, the more expensive the price is given, consider the correlation between the needs you need and the costs you have.

Online shopping provides convenience and convenience for you with a variety of payment facilities offered, ranging from bank transfers, credit card installments. 

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