May 31, 2023

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How to prevent ACL injuries

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The risk of ACL injury is also higher in women. This is thought to be related to the anatomy of the body, muscle strength, and the influence of hormones so that the knee gets a greater burden.

Here are a series of effective ways to prevent injury to the ACL aka knee ligaments:

  1. Warm up and stretch

Always warm up and stretch before you exercise, play soccer, or engage in similar activities. Warming up is useful for increasing blood flow to muscles and joints.

Meanwhile, stretching aims to flex the body’s muscles so that you can move more freely. Focus on stretching your thighs, knees, waist, and other body parts that feel tense.

  1. Doing stretches on both sides of the body

One of the most important ways to prevent an ACL injury is to maintain balance between the left and right sides of your body. The reason is, ACL injuries can occur because one side of the body gets a heavier load.

Quoting the Johns Hopkins Medicine page, even a slight difference in load between the two sides of the body is enough to cause injury. So, make sure you do a balanced stretch on the left and right.

  1. Strengthens the core muscles of the body

Not a few people who impose their body’s abilities while exercising. In fact, this habit does not strengthen the muscles, instead makes the muscles stretch and increase the risk of sprains.

Instead, you need to strengthen your core muscles, for example with simple movements like abdominal crunches and planks . If your core muscles are strong, the load on your knees will be less.

  1. Practice using the right muscles while exercising

Proper exercise is very useful for preventing ACL injuries. Here are some moves you need to practice:

Jump and land safely. You should always land on the soles of your feet with your knees facing forward, chest straight, and buttocks back.

As you pivot, end on an almost crawl. Bend at the waist and knees to reduce the load on the knees.

Exercises to strengthen the hamstring muscles in the thighs and leg muscles. This exercise is also useful for improving balance skills.

Anyone can actually prevent an ACL injury by practicing proper exercise technique and avoiding sudden movements that put a strain on the knee. Don’t forget to strengthen your muscles and warm up before exercising. If you get injured, you can visit Meniskusriss Behandlung

Practice until you get used to using the right muscles in each type of exercise. That way, you can exercise without worrying about the risk of injury.