June 8, 2023

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How to Maintain and Improve Mental Health

It is not only physical that must be treated, mental or mental health conditions must also be maintained properly. A person’s mental health condition can affect that person’s thinking, mood, and behavior.

If there is a mental health disorder, productivity can also be affected. In fact, in more severe conditions, sufferers can attempt suicide.

There are many factors that can lead to mental health problems. These factors can be caused by a person’s personality, ability to adapt to problems, the severity of work challenges, family problems, or relationship life.

Then, a history of experiencing physical or sexual violence or being a victim of bullying can also cause mental health problems. So, how to maintain mental health properly?

Here are some ways to help maintain, strengthen, and improve your mental health.

1. Learn Meditation

In the midst of a hectic world, both real and virtual, many people have lost the ability to be still and meditate. In fact, activities such as meditation and silence are very important to do regularly.

Set aside a few minutes each day to be still and meditate. While meditating, calm your mind and accept the emotions and feelings you are experiencing. You can also do worship according to your respective beliefs

2. Journal Writing

The habit of keeping or writing a journal is known to help maintain mental health. You can write down about your thoughts, emotions, and stress that you may be experiencing.

You can also describe the problems encountered in writing. This can help you to control your emotions and improve your mental health.

3. Spend Time Enjoying Nature

Feeling bored while working indoors can also trigger mental health problems. If possible, take a break to enjoy nature. You can go to the terrace of the house or a small garden around the house.

Seeing plants or animals around will help you to feel more relaxed and maintain mental health.

4. Laugh more often

When you laugh, your body releases endorphins, such as dopamine, which make you feel comfortable and happy.

For laughs, watch comedy videos, shows your favorite stand-up comedians , or listen to entertaining podcasts . These light things will make you laugh and help you feel better.

5. Say Positive Sentences

Avoid over-evaluating yourself and replace it with more positive affirmations. It can help control your thought patterns and prevent negative thoughts from taking over you.

Simple sentences like “I got through the day” or “I did my best” can also help maintain mental health. If you want to get Free Online Psychologist, you can visit fepo.com.br