September 23, 2023

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Footrest Back Pain

In adults trouble arises when undue strain is put on the foot when the feet are not on a foot rest resulting in footrest back pain. The foot is a remarkably flexible organ of the human body which adapts itself to supporting the continuous shifting weight of the body. The foot muscles work the tendons and ligaments in holding the foot in number of positions. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the foot which are bound together by over 100 strong ligaments. A normal foot touches the ground at the outer edges only. Trouble arises when undue strain is put on the foot. The strain may be due to overweight, poor posture, fatigue and improper foot rest.

A foot rest is used to rest one’s foot and provide comfort to legs and the back. When sitting on a chair without a foot rest the legs are without a support underneath, the pelvis is pushed forward and downwards causing back pain. Blood circulation is also affected. The nerves can also get pressed affecting the back of the knees. If you have the footrest the legs will not be dangling, they will be on a firm ground at the proper height, push the pelvis a little back and allow the chair to give a support to the back correcting your posture, thereby minimizing footrest back pain. It is more so important for those who have long sitting office hours. This is because sitting on a chair for a prolonged period is a static position which causes stress on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. This exerts pressure on the back muscles and spine discs. Slouchy position over a prolonged period in the office chair is a big factor in causing back pain.

A tilted footrest at a proper angle and at the appropriate height provides proper leg and knee position which is not only very comfortable to a person not suffering from any back pain but is a big comfort for those suffering from arthritis, gout, aching back, etc. A foot rest with a wide platform provides the flexibility of free movement of the feet and the legs which can be instrumental in avoiding foot rest back pain. Improper footrest especially in the work place can be a cause for damage to spinal discs and recurring back pain. The foot rest should have non skidding surface because a skidding surface will be more uncomfortable aggravating footrest back pain even further. Various types of foot rest are available in the market but the best footrest is the one which gives comfort from back pain, increases blood circulation in the legs, and provides maximum alignment of the body posture. You can even go in for an adjustable footrest which can be used by people of different heights. The foot rest also allows you to stretch your body and provide you with much wanted relaxation. Some of the footrests are with wooden roller balls which can massage your feet.