June 10, 2023

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Easy and Fast, Here Are 5 Ways to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

A beautiful and attractive smile begins with white, clean, and healthy teeth. To get white and clean teeth, you need to clean your teeth regularly. However, you can also have white and clean teeth by straightening your teeth without braces.

Straightening unkempt teeth is one solution to having healthy teeth and an amazing smile. Here are 6 easy and fast ways to have the teeth you crave.

Using Hand

This method is very easy and can be done at home. Before doing this, make sure your fingers are clean by washing them first so that there are no germs that stick to and damage the teeth. Here’s how:

  • Gently push the teeth in or out with your hands.
  • Repeat the above steps for 25 minutes.
  • Do this method 2 times a day until the teeth are in a neat position.

Using a Rice Spoon

You can do this when cooking rice. The trick, put a wooden spoon into the rice that is being cooked, let stand for about 5 minutes, after it is a little hot, lift the wooden spoon and use it to push the teeth. Do this method 2 times a day for 25 minutes.

Eating Fruit

The next way to straighten teeth without braces is to regularly eat fruit. We recommend choosing fruits with a dense texture, such as apples, guavas, and pears, as dense textures can encourage neater teeth. The trick, peel the skin of the fruit and clean, then consume. When biting an apple, do so by pushing the upper teeth with the fruit held for a few minutes, then the apple can be consumed.

Using Dental Floss

In addition to being used to clean food residue stuck between the teeth, dental floss or dental floss can also be used as a way to straighten teeth without braces. Here’s how:

Take a 45 cm long dental floss and wrap both ends of the floss on the middle fingers of the right and left hands.

  • Hold the dental floss tightly with the help of your thumb and forefinger.
  • Gently tuck the floss between the teeth, then rub it in a C pattern.
  • Move the floss up and down slowly so you don’t hurt the gums.
  • Do the same way in between the other teeth.

Using Aligners

Not many people know how to straighten teeth without braces with aligners . However, this one method is powerful enough to create white and clean teeth. Aligner is a device that supports teeth that are thin and made of clear plastic. The shape of the aligner is almost similar to the retainer that is usually used after removing braces. The difference is, the aligners are made of 100 percent clear plastic and are more flexible. In use, aligners must be changed every 2-3 weeks for optimal results. In addition, the size of the aligners is adjusted to the size of the user’s teeth and will not interfere with the chewing and biting process. aligner installationshould be performed by an experienced dentist or orthodontist. When using it, you must remove the aligners when eating or brushing your teeth. After that, the aligners can be reused. And if you need dental for making your teeth look beauty, you can visit hkloyalbeauty.com