October 15, 2021

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Do you know back pain is related to incorrect sitting positions?

Do you know back pain is related to incorrect sitting positions?

Postures are of two kinds- dynamic and static. We need to focus on correcting sitting posture and maintaining proper balance. Otherwise, your spine may not work in the same way as it used to. This may look unbelievable to you but back pain can indeed occur because of an incorrect sitting position. This is why people suggest sitting straight but very few understand the importance of that. In the long run, poor posture can change the shape of your spine causing a bend. This will not happen if you are following the correct posture and doing exercises properly. Even lifting a heavy load in the wrong way will injure your spine and leave you with back pain only.

Many times, we sit in the wrong position while working which gives nothing except pain in the back. How many times do we check ourselves if we are sitting in the correct sitting posture or the wrong one? Adults have to learn correct sitting posture to avoid complications and back pain problems during old age. Sitting in uncomfortable positions puts pressure on the spine and makes the surrounding tissues weak. There are several things you need to avoid doing:

  • Bending forward and cleaning garden along with removing unwanted plants 
  • Never lie your stomach on the bed while working on the laptop or using the phone if you want to keep yourself away from back pain.
  • Lifting a heavy item can put immense pressure on your back while bending backward
  • Putting all the weight of your body on one leg in the standing position
  • Sitting improperly on chair or desk for too long
  • Living a lazy life and not doing any physical activity 
  • Do not slouch on the chair as it can create tension in the muscles and putting a strain on it will make things worse

It takes nothing to follow a correct posture but an incorrect posture can help you a lot. You may end up spending a huge amount to get relief from back pain forever. Moreover, the life of a person suffering from back pain is quite difficult. Otherwise, you can use Moov ointment for permanent relief. It is by far the best available cream and sprays for treating any kind of physical pain. It is used widely by working people, sportspeople, women, and so on. Standing or sitting in the same position is unhealthy and bad for your spine. Few of the common wrong postures we observed by people are the following:

  • You always look down on a laptop, phone, or book while leaning your head in the forward direction. This will put a strain on the neck muscles and the upper part of the back.
  • Keeping elbow away from your torso for a long period of time will lead to severe pain in the back and shoulder
  • Doing something and putting the phone between ear and shoulder at the same time result in tension on one side of the neck. The upper back will hurt too, keep this in your mind for correcting sitting posture to back pain.