August 16, 2022

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Best Ways to Recover Quickly From COVID-19 at your House: Israel Figa

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Are you down with Covid and recovering at your home? If that is so, then you have come to the right place. This article looks into the most efficient ways you can adopt to recover quickly and be up on your feet again in no time. Dr. Israel Figa has compiled these tips and you can rest assured that they are 100 percent genuine and authentic. Moreover, be sure to employ all of these tactics to reduce your recovery time as much as possible. Read to learn more!

Hydrate Your Body

According to Dr. Israel Figa, one of the most efficient ways to recover quickly from the coronavirus from your home is by hydrating your body. When people are unwell, they usually have low levels of appetite and energy, which can result in dehydration and less liquid consumption. Having symptoms of diarrhea, fever, or/and vomiting may also lead to dehydration. What medical experts like Figa say it that it is of paramount importance to drink lots of water so your human body has what it requires to fight off illnesses such as flu or the COVID-19. Just make sure that the intake of water is not too extreme- often the suggested amount depends on size of body – but it is typically 7water glasses in a single day.

When you are unwell, it is ideal to stick to drinking water. That said, pure orange juice, green or black tea, sports drinks with low sugar and vegetable juice are all good options. It is highly recommended that you avoid the soda, milk, coffee and alcohol while you recover from the Covid 19.

Get a lot of Rest

There is no denying and Dr.Israel Figa strongly agrees as well that rest is very important to feeling a whole lot better. The same holds true as a tactic to recover from an illness like the Covid 19. Our immune system only declines if we do not get sufficient rest. Your objective is to acquire more sleep than what has been recommended. That usually means 7-9 hours for grown adults.

Pause with the Exercising

It is probably best to avoid doing exercise, particularly intense workouts and long bouts of exercise when you feel rough. This is another piece of important advice that medical doctors tend to give quite regularly. It is even more important that you listen to this vital advice if you observe symptoms of fever, vomiting, joint or muscle pain, headache or diarrhea with your coronavirus. Such symptoms are a sign that your body is occupied combating the infection and requires all your energy so that it can efficiently perform its job.

Consume Chicken Noodle Soup

It is true that chicken noodle soups serve to relieve congestion cause by Covid 19. That is because the soup is steamy and hot. This can assist your nose in beginning to run, which results in reduction in sinus pressure. The steam also assists with irritation and dryness in your nose. In the meantime, the chicken gives you energy in the form of protein that is easy to digest and the broth assists with rehydration.

As per Israel Figa, some of the other foods that will help you feel better while you recover from Covid 19 include crackers, leafy green vegetables, bananas, eggs, lean proteins and apples. You should avoid the dairy as it can aggravate nausea and is also not very easy to digest.

Bottom Line

To conclude, recovering from Covid 19 while you are confined to your home might take some time so it is important that you are patient. That said, you can expedite your recovery by following the aforementioned tips that have been put together by Israel Figa and other medical experts around the world. Be sure to pay attention to all the do’s and dont’s  and do not believe everything that the internet tells you!