May 18, 2022

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Flu season is a time of war against germs. Viruses are invisible and sit around waiting to be able to move and attack. When you or your child coughs, it’s usually too late. Once you show symptoms, it means you can infect other people. Maybe you are still wondering how to avoid the Febbre che sale e scende. The answer is not very simple.

Quarantine or biohazard suit , is not a short way to prevent the spread of flu. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying. With enteroviruses such as EV-D68 affecting many children, mixed with other germs, it is now very important for you to keep your family healthy.

What can you do?

The best defense is with good resistance. In addition to washing your hands regularly, here are ways to prevent colds before they strike your family.

Avoid hugs and handshakes.

This may seem a bit antisocial, but it can prevent the flu from spreading. Avoid direct contact, especially from sufferers. Even though you are a diligent person who washes your hands, but not necessarily other people who shake hands with you, wash your hands diligently right?

Stay home when sick.

There’s no need to stay at work just to show your boss that you’re tough and committed. If you are sick, stay home! Even at home, get enough sleep until you recover and don’t do housework.

Wash water bottles and glasses after each use.

This is often taken for granted. Often you reuse a water bottle to go to the gym or a glass on the bedside table and think “What’s the danger?”. It is very dangerous if you are sick. Repeated use of bottles and cups allows germs to settle and will slow down the recovery process. What’s more, it also increases the risk of other people getting infected and getting sick if they drink from the same glass, which brings us to the next tip. Don’t share. Forget whatever you were taught in kindergarten. Flu season is a time to be selfish.

First stop using any items together.

Make sure you clean the remote TV controller and electronic tablet device after each use. If your child is sick, try to have your child use only one electronic tablet and not be used by another child.

Take care of yourself.

We always try to take regular breaks and eat right, but because of our busy schedules, we often don’t do what we should be doing. You always take care of your family’s health but don’t forget to make time for yourself. It’s very important in flu season to take care of yourself, especially if you are already experiencing early symptoms. A strong immune system is the best way to avoid the flu.

Get the flu vaccine.

Many studies have shown that the flu vaccine provides strong protection and defense. Just as short as 10 minutes and a quick shot can save you from the bad feeling of the weekly cold or even more.

Know the facts about the flu virus.

When you clean the house, learn the facts about germs first so that you are prepared for the flu.

  • The flu virus can live on surfaces for up to 2 days.
  • The flu virus is sensitive to heat and reproduces rapidly when it is cold. This virus usually starts in the respiratory tract and spreads from there.
  • Enteroviruses, in contrast to flu viruses, usually attack between July – October and will get stronger after that as temperatures start to drop.
  • The majority of flu sufferers frequently touch their eyes, mouth and nose with infected hands.
  • The flu virus usually stays for 3 days before starting to show symptoms.