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5 Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Common Women Health Problems

Dr. Bhanu Sharma | 28 June, 2022

Who can deny the value of Women’s health and immunity for a balanced modern society? Becoming uncovered to different social, organic and bodily ailments, gals overlook their well being due to relatives tasks, sedentary everyday living styles, worry due to profession/ working day to day routines and absence of recognition – all of these things have an affect on their overall health & immunity.

As for every Ayurveda very good health is defined as “approach that restores & balances Vata, Pitta & Kapha”. Vitiation of these doshas disturbs body rhythm outcomes in ailment and immunity similar difficulties. Ayurvedic treatment plans offer you enormous advantages in gynaecological ailments and much better immunity.

Ayuveda elaborates the sequential approach of diet (Ahar Ras) that is derived from the digested food stuff we try to eat. It is accomplished in the form of sequential action-sensible circulation commencing from utilization of nourishment by Dhatwagni for nourishment of distinct tissues of the physique namely Ras dhatu, Rakta dhatu & so on. In the course of the course of action when ahar ras right after nourishing ras dhatu moves to rakta dhatu Artav (Menstrual blood) & Stanya (breast milk) are shaped as by products and solutions. Artav moves to uterus & will get removed through menstrual movement.

immunity related problems

Nicely-nourished tissues supported by typical workout/ yoga, meditation (for psychological health) and right sleep increases Ojas (Vitality, radiance & Vigour) that increases digestion, bodily energy, mood, non secular inclination – foremost to enhancement of immunity in the Body. The earlier mentioned movement chart exhibits the connection of food items that we take in with the stream of nourishment in the body and other life with the total effectively-currently being, well being and immunity.

Ladies are extra vulnerable to a wider assortment of wellness problems – which is exhibited in the kind of variations in their bodies from menarche (commencing of the menstrual cycle) to menopausal stage (ending stage of the menstrual cycle) of their everyday living. Throughout these levels of everyday living feminine hormones enjoy critical part in psychological & physiological modifications. Ritu chakra (menstrual cycle) is viewed as to start out on the 1st working day of a period. The typical cycle is 28 times long,

phase of the menstrual cycle

Common Troubles Confronted by Gals

Some of the frequent problems/ irregularities related to Menstrual cycle or Gynaecological ailments (Yonivyapad) which women faces are:

  • Dysmenorrhea (kashtartava): Extreme distressing cramps take place for the duration of menstruation. As per Ayurveda its Apana vayu which regulates the movement of menstruation which will get disturbed because of to some causative aspects ensuing in kasthartava.
  • Menorrhagia (Asrigdara): It is menstrual durations with abnormally hefty or extend bleeding leading to backache, soreness in reduced abdomen & weak point. Asrigdar transpires thanks to vitiation of Vata and Pitta doshas
  • Metrorrhagia (Rakta pradara): its irregular uterine bleeding amongst envisioned menstrual cycles is a indication of fundamental ailments due to hormonal problems or troubles with the uterus or other wellbeing situations.
  • Premenstrual syndrome(PMS): Signs include things like temper swings, tenderness in breast, exhaustion, irritability depression
  • PCOS/PCOD: PCOS- hormonal imbalance in reproductive age girls where by ovaries are unsuccessful to launch eggs frequently and acquire follicles/ cysts. Indicators consist of irregular or lengthen menstrual intervals, raise in male hormones, abnormal hair advancement, Acne, Pounds get, thinning of hair. Ayurveda think about it as Kapha ailments
  • ANAEMIA (Pandu Rog) – situation induced by inadequate Red Blood Cells main to breathlessness, tiredness, weakness, repeated giddiness, lethargy, exhaustion, problems.
  • Depression (avasd rog) – ailment brought about by decreasing of person’s temper and reduction of interact in any activity foremost to reduced self-esteem and low confidence ranges.
  • Feminine infertility (bandhyatava): not ready to get pregnant or having miscarriages. Things for Infertility may include things like ovarian factors, tubal variables, age-similar aspects, uterine issues, PCOS, endometriosis etc.
  • Menopause (Rajonivrutti): It is a normal biological transition, which start off in between 45yrs -55yrs of age. It is the absence of menopause for constant 12months, Signs includes incredibly hot flushes, vaginal discharge and dryness, temper swings, headaches etcetera. During Rajonivrutti Vata dosha get aggravated leading to imbalance of Vata pitta & Kapha dosha slowly foremost to dhatu shaya( decline in entire body tissue masses)
  • Leucorrhoea (Shweta pradara): It is because of to the imbalance of vaginal microflora, which outcomes in the infection qualified prospects to thick whitish or yellowish discharge.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): infection of any portion of urinary program causing pelvic ache, enhanced urge of urination, discomfort during urination, blood in urine.

Health and fitness strategies & merchandise oriented solutions and how it is effective

health tips & product

Influence of Ahar Vihar Dincharya(Life style)

Ayurveda has recommended a nicely-prepared each day schedule (Din Charya) for attaining good overall health and immunity

  • Increase early early morning, cleanse your senses – eyes, ears, teeth & tounge Evacuate bowel& bladder (can consume luke warm water to obvious toxic compounds from your intestine), Typical Vyayam (Training), Abhyang (oil therapeutic massage), bathing, meditation for psychological health and fitness take in mild breakfast, comply with your get the job done or analyze.
  • Lunch must good (in the right quantity) suiting your overall body demands and body sort (prakriti) – as the digestive hearth is substantial for the duration of the working day.
  • Meal must be light-weight adopted by a temporary wander. Theory of “Early to bed” is strongly suggested – avoid applying digital devices/ mobile phones following meal.

During menstruation, the diet regime sample and treatment need to also be adopted as for every the Dosha impacted:

Vata Dosha

Imbalance in Vata can bring about anxiousness, disturbed rest and constipation with occasional discomfort in the reduced back or close to hip. To stability Vata, comfortable heat food with healthier fats is encouraged. Spicy, bitter, chilly, dry meals and caffeine have to have to be averted. Rice, wheat, effectively-cooked vegetables should be taken while sweet fruits banana, grapes melons berries and many others. are very good. Scorching drinking water bottles (for the heating effect) will need to be employed for any cramping.

Pitta Dosha

All through cycle pitta imbalance result in significant bleeding and a sensation of heat close to the cycle. Mood swings, anger, irritability, solid cravings can be felt. Other problems include inflammation in the physique, headache, tenderness in breasts, acne breakouts etc. To triumph over these challenges – pitta pacifying diet and life-style is recommended Conscious tactics like meditation is also great – cold food stuff, hot spicy sour foodstuff objects are forbidden. Milk, butter, ghee in moderate quantity are viewed as good. Stay clear of bitter curd/ product/ cheese.

Kapha Dosha

For the duration of cycle imbalance of kapha sufferers put up with from excessive feeling of heaviness. Menstrual blood in such instances may be heavier owing to too much mucous formation. This kind of people are inclined to yeast bacterial infections or extreme itching. Often they working experience depression or psychological feeding on. In Ayurveda a kapha pacifying diet program is encouraged for the overall thirty day period – that generally focuses on heat gentle foodstuff ingestion. Digestive spices can be extra in food items but excessive salt to be averted. To reduce kapha expanding attributes in warm milk with pinch of ginger/ turmeric presents excellent results. Lower nuts, keep away from excess of rice/ wheat on the other hand barley / millet must be eaten alternatively.


In accordance to Ayurveda wellness is not liberty from disease but it’s a State of bodily, psychological & non secular balance, which can be realized by using suitable foodstuff intake, discipline, exercise routine and life-style as discussed over. Ayurveda the holistic technique of overall health has been practiced because historic instances and its wellbeing advantages are scientifically established now applying rules of modern-day medical trials. Ayurveda is exceptionally productive in featuring “root lead to remedies” and “overall health benefits” to all – together with females wellness problems and boosting their immunity.

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